Район Корпилампи


Конференц-залы и помещения для корпоративов

Tippavaara, located in Korpilampi, is a conference and refreshment place for groups and companies.

Tippavaaras around 200m2 big forest cabin, with it's conference room and sleeping area, is located next to the Tremanskärr nature reserve in Korpilampi in Espoo. Tippavaara is about 23 kilometers away from Helsinki. The smooth steams of the smoke sauna together with the hot and cold tubs, refreshes after a busy day. Tippavaara also organizes the meals and by-program for the occasions, according to the needs of the customer.

Meeting facilities

Tippavaara offers excellent conditions for successful meeting-, team or training occasions. The conference room holds 20 persons, and further there is one room for 19 persons and another room for 32 persons. All the rooms withholds the conference devices needed, as video projectors and flip charts. The devices are free from charge for conference groups. Wireless Internet connection.


The accomodation in the forest cabin is in a traditional way with mattresses on the floor. Altogether there is sleepingspace for 25 persons. There is also a possibility to sleep close to the nature, for example in hammocks outdoors or in big camping tents.


The smoke sauna and the traditional sauna of the forest cabin offers great conditions for relaxing. After the sauna you can flop straight into the cold water tub or let the water in the hot tub rinse out the haste of everyday life from your mind. The smoke sauna holds up to 20 persons at a time.


Tornimäentie 10, 02790 Espoo
+358 (0)44 049 0122